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Tina Forsberg
2016 President


President's Reports
Posted: May 19, 2016, 2:44am by Tina Forsberg Print Email

The MOST Important Primary Is NOW

And we have some bad news about that...

Regardless of who you will vote to send to Washington, DC, the most important vote you will have to cast will be on the June 7 Nonpartisan portion of your ballot. That is where the candidates running for North Carolina's Supreme Court will appear. And, unless Justice Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds is re-elected, conservative jurisprudence will be lost for the next SIX years because the balance of power will swing to the liberals. Do you want to lose the Court and watch it undo all the hard-fought legislation being put into effect by our duly elected Republican representatives? It's a razor thin minority we hold and we simply MUST keep it!

There is more bad news. The ballot does not indicate who the incumbent Justice is. The ballot slot designated for our current NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds is the third slot. The party affiliation of the candidates doesn't appear. One candidate opposing Justice Edmunds sounds like a woman's name, and that usually helps females running for the courts. Here is the ballot (marked the way it MUST be):


There IS some good news...

Turnout is traditionally very, very low in summer primary elections. While that speaks volumes about the disengagement of North Carolinians, it does favor you - the informed and passionate conservative voter. If you can not only vote, but get dozens of your friends to do the same, Justice Edmunds can win this primary election and go on to win again in November, where his chances will be good to secure re-election. We simply cannot risk denying him that chance on June 7, though. Are you in? Will you personally help Justice Bob Edmunds win his re-election so North Carolina can be assured of a steady hand continuing on our Court for six more years? 

Bob's biography and many of his key judicial opinions are well-documented on his website: www.JusticeEdmunds.com. Please share this email and Bob's website far and wide and encourage every conservative you know to vote June 7 to Re-elect Justice Bob Edmunds! 

Key Dates:

Absentee ballot request deadline: May 31, 5pm. If you are going to be out of town during early voting and/or on June 7, this is the latest date for the Board of Elections to receive your request for an absentee ballot. Click here for absentee voting details.

Early Voting: Selected locations will conduct early voting between Thursday, May 26 and Saturday, June 4. Click here for early voting details.

Election Day: You may vote at your local precinct's normal polling place on Tuesday, June 7.

There is MORE good news...

You only have to remember TWO names in this election - whoever you are voting to send to Washington, DC as your US Congressional Representative - and Justice Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds, Greensboro's finest, to go BACK to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

You can ALSO do THIS...

There is an organized project to send out a flyer to all of the Republicans in the State who have voted in the last 4 elections reminding them to get out and vote for Justice Edmunds. Please send a check made out to the NCGOP with Judicial Leadership in the memo line. Mail it to NCGOP / c/o Mr. Greg Fornshell / 1506 Hillsborough St. / Raleigh, NC 27605. GGRWC has participated. Please join us!

Congratulations and Sincere Thanks...
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