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GGRWC President, Joanne Wittenborn

GGRWC Pres. Joanne Wittenborn

Now is the time for sober thinking Americans to come together and solve our real Problems

All People coming together to solve real problems

GGRWC President Joanne Wittenborn Receiving "Tribute to Women" from NCFRW

NCFRW extending honors to GGRWC and our President

Great Time with Senator Mike Lee & Local Patriots

Senator Mike Lee & Some of our favorite Local Patriots

Welcome To GGRWC.org

Welcome Letter From Our President.


The Greater Greensboro Republican Women's Club (GGRWC) welcomes you to  "check us out!" We are the largest Republican Women's Club in Guilford County and extremely passionate about our Country. Our members sleep well at night because they are "making a difference" to ensure we remain a free and strong Nation, Our logo says it all: the mother elephant is protecting her children and future generations from a tyrannical government, while offering an olive branch of welcome to all who are of like mind to the cause. We are facing to the RIGHT with the grand flag of NC behind us.When you join us you WILL influence government. You will be linked with others who share your desire to ensure the blessings of liberty and to restore the framework of our Constitutional Republic.

You may contribute as little or as much as your time permits. We have members who dive right in and others who hold more of a supportive role. Of course, a club is only as strong and effective as the effort put in by its members. Some of the activities we are involved in are working with candidates on their campaigns, promoting the club as well as elected officials and candidates via social media, volunteering at precincts during elections, attending County Commissioner, City Council and Board of Education meetings and communicating with elected leaders and government officials on important issues and decisions. We are  big believers in advocacy and accountability. We support our elected officials, as they adhere to the Republican Principles and Platform, by writing letters, making phone calls, sending em-mails as well as physically visiting them in Raleigh.

To sum it up, the Greater Greensboro Republican Women's Club promotes Republican values through education, service and advocacy. Our candidates and elected officials depend on us. We have fun and work well together. We are always looking for new members to join our Club and become a part of our family of strong patriots. WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

Joanne Wittenborn

President, GGRWC


You Might Be A Republican Woman

By Joanne Lapple, GGRWC

A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you honor the glory of the red, white and blue.
You believe in faith, family and personal responsibility,
And never take for granted the blessing of our liberty.

A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you think for yourself and value what’s true.
Equal opportunity must be guaranteed for all.
Hard work and grit determines our rise or fall.

A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If your heart swells with pride for our troops and veterans too.
You believe life is precious, be it unborn or old,
That moms and dads know best what their children are told.

A Republican woman, that just might be YOU
If you believe honesty in Washington is long overdue.
The media tries to define us but they’ll never admit
Republican women are committed, strong, and compassionate.

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